Video from Vivisimo Examines Big Data Management

January 15, 2014

The nine minute video article Big Data and Vivisimo- Managing and Extracting Insights From Large and Heterogenerous Data from IBM on Optimized Target Traffic explains the four V’s of Big Data as they pertain to Vivisimo. Typically only three V’s are named, “volume, velocity and variety.” Volume covers such questions as how does one get multiple data sets into Hadoop? Velocity is related to asking about frequency of updates and whether there is a single static repository, while variety refers to analytics to perform and applications to build. But the video also offers the fourth V of variability.

Bob Carter of Vivisimo explains:

“Lastly there is the issue of variability, in the sense that I need to deliver the information to different audiences. It could be done in different implementations, let’s say it’s a cross domain environment where I’m putting a Big Data system on a secure network and I have to offer up a subset of that information to a higher level network or to a different domain. How do I smartly share that information with other agencies or other commercial customers on my supply chain?”

Variability, according to Vivisimo’s agent, also encompasses considerations of different security settings and management requirements. Omitted from consideration however is the cost of “touching” a single record in an exception file. But serial processing is expensive, just like handling variety in Big Data.

Chelsea Kerwin, January 15, 2014

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