Google and Nanotechnology: Smart Lens the Start

January 17, 2014

Short honk. TechCrunch is on the beam. In “Google’s New Smart Contact lens Is Old News for Microsoft,” the author points out that Microsoft was in the smart wearable game before Google. More interesting is the fact that Google’s go-to wizard (Babak Parviz, Amir Parviz, or Amirparviz) used to be an advisor to Microsoft. What’s not in the news is that this smart lens is only a start. What’s next? Well, quite a bit. Think in terms of self-assembling nanodevices that allow a computing device to reside within a person. Nifty, eh. We have a report on this initiative.

If you think self-assembly is silly and that Dr. Whiteside’s students are chasing fairy dust, have at it. Alternatively you could read the contributions of Dr. Parviz (Amir Parviz and Amirparviz) to a text book on the subject. Those different versions of the name are interesting to me.

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Stephen E Arnold, January 17, 2014


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