Big Data: Can the Latest Trend Deliver?

April 25, 2014

If you track Big Data, you will want to read “Why Big Data Is Stillborn (for Now).” The write up hits the highlights of the flickering hyperbole machine that sells fancy math to the government and organizations desperate for a Silver Bullet.

The article asserts:

Most “big data” has to be moved in physical containers. Most data centers do not have excess capacity to handle petabyte level simultaneous search and pattern discovery.

Believe in real time and high speed access? Consider this statement:

Bandwidth, throughput, and how “real time” is defined all come down to the weak link in the chain and we have many ***very weak*** links across the chain and especially in Washington, D.C. The bottom line is always “who benefits?” The FCC decision to destroy net neutrality is in error. The citizen, not the corporation, is “root” in a Smart Nation.

If you wonder why your Big Data investments have yet to deliver a golden goose pumping out 24 caret eggs everyday, check out this write up. Worth reading.

Stephen E Arnold, April 25, 2014


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