Google Cloud Launcher and a Sci Fi TV Show

March 27, 2015

Google has diverse interests. First, the most important high school science and math club project.

Google will it seems get into the entertainment biz. You can learn more in “Google Takes Its Web Game to TV.” Yep, I know. Balloons, Glass, and a $70 million hire. All in a day’s work.

Now the less important news. Google posted “Deploy Popular Software Packages Using Cloud Launcher.” For those with search-oriented eyes, Lucene in the form of Elasticsearch (Bitnami)  and Solr in the form of Bitnami’s “infrastructure” solution are available.

Lucene and Solr starts at $6.46 per month. Bitnami is a cloud services company, which is much loved by Amazon’s Werner Vogels.

Amazon is responding with unlimited storage for $60 per year.

A number of observations seem to be warranted:

  1. Google and Amazon are offering what seems bargain basement prices.
  2. Both companies seem to be competing to become the WalMart of services companies
  3. Google wants to be in the entertainment business.

Perhaps the companies will follow the path blazed by Kraft and Heinz. Would a Googlezon simplify life for customers who want tech, toys, and entertainment in a single, easy to use bundle? Competition is less efficient and therefore not logical, right?

Stephen E Arnold, March 27, 2015


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