Exorbyte Offers Entity Detection

June 16, 2015

Germany based Exorbyte is a leading European solutions company for search and analysis in structured/unstructured data.  Business On tells us that Exorbyte has released a feature to help users manage their email inboxes: “Input Management: Exorbyte Automates Identity Determination.”  Using Google Translate to give us the details, the article explains that Exorbyte now offers a Full Page Entity Detect, a tool that extracts the identity data from full-text documents and compares them with reference databases.

Full Page Detect is advertised as taking out the guess work in figuring out where data originates in documents.  The process is described as:

“The identity data can be extracted directly from the digitized full-text  documents such as letters, faxes and e-mails and efficiently compared with reference databases – virtually independent of language. It doesn’t matter whether the data in question is incorrect or incomplete.  Exorbyte’s Full Page Detect Entity is able to read the valid data and organize it without fail for customers.”

Full Page Detect’s main selling point is that it can recognize information in documents no matter where it is placed in the document.  It uses Exorbyte’s leading Matchmaker technology, which is extremely reliable in detecting errors and keeping analysis on track.

Exorbyte offers a useful service for people trying to summarize their emails without having to open every single one.  It streamlines the email process and makes it more efficient.

Whitney Grace, June 16, 2015

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