Hey Google Doubters, Burn This into Your Memory

August 6, 2015

It has been speculated that Google would lose its ad profits as mobile search begins to dominate the search market but Quartz tells a different story in the article, “Mobile Isn’t Ruining Google’s Search Business After All.”  Google’s revenue continues to grow, especially with YouTube, but search remains its main earner.

According to the second-quarter earnings, Google earned $12.4 billion in Google Web sites, a $1.5 billion increase from last year.  Google continues to grow on average $1.6 billion per quarter.  Being able to maintain a continuous growth proves that Google is weathering the mobile search market.  Here is some other news, the mobile search revolution is now and not in the future.

“That is, if mobile really was going to squeeze Google’s search advertising business, we probably would have already seen it start by now. Smartphone penetration keeps deepening—with 75% saturation in the US market, according to comScore. And for many top media properties, half of the total audience only visits on mobile, according to a recent comScore report on mobile media consumption.”

There are new actions that could either impede or help Google search, such as deep linking between apps and the Web and predictive information services, but these are still brand new and their full effect has not been determined.

Google refuses to be left behind in the mobile search market and stands to be a main competitor for years to come.

Whitney Grace, August 6, 2015

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