A Fun Japanese Elasticsearch Promotion Video

September 10, 2015

Elasticsearch is one of the top open source search engines and is employed by many companies including Netflix, Wikipedia, GitHub, and Facebook.  Elasticsearch wants to get a foothold into the Japanese technology market.  We can assume, because Japan is one of the world’s top producers of advanced technology and has a huge consumer base.  Once a technology is adopted in Japan, you can bet that it will have an even bigger adoption rate.

The company has launched a Japanese promotional campaign and a uploaded video entitled “Elasticsearch Product Video” to its YouTube channel.  The video comes with Japanese subtitles with appearances by CEO Steven Schuurman, VP of Engineering Kevin Kluge, Elasticsearch creator Shay Bannon, and VP of Sales Justin Hoffman.  The video showcases how Elasticsearch is open source software, how it has been integrated into many companies’ frameworks, its worldwide reach, product improvement, as well as the good it can do.

Justin Hoffman said that, “I think the concept of an open source company bringing a commercial product to market is very important to our company.  Because the customers want to know on one hand that you have the open source community and its evolution and development at the top of your priority list.  On the other hand, they appreciate that you’re innovating and bringing products to market that solve real problems.”

It is a neat video that runs down what Elasticsearch is capable of, the only complaint is that bland music in the background.  They could benefit from licensing the Jive Aces “Bring Me Sunshine” it relates the proper mood.

Whitney Grace, September 10, 2015
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