Where’s the Finish Line Enterprise Search?

September 16, 2015

What never ceases to amaze me is that people are always perplexed when goals for technology change.  It always comes with a big hullabaloo and rather than complaining about the changes, time would be better spent learning ways to adapt and learn from the changes.  Enterprise search is one of those technology topics that sees slow growth, but when changes occur they are huge.  Digital Workplace Group tracks the newest changes in enterprise search, explains why they happened, and how to adapt: “7 Ways The Goal Posts On Enterprise Search Have Moved.”

After spending an inordinate amount of explaining how the author arrived at the seven ways enterprise search has changed, we are finally treated to the bulk of the article.  Among the seven reasons are obvious insights that have been discussed in prior articles on Beyond Search, but there are new ideas to ruminate about.  Among the obvious are that users want direct answers, they expect search to do more than find information, and understanding a user’s intent.  While the obvious insights are already implemented in search engines, enterprise search lags behind.

Enterprise search should work on a more personalized level due it being part of a closed network and how people rely on it to fulfill an immediate need.  A social filter could be applied to display a user’s personal data in search results and also users rely on the search filter as a quick shortcut feature. Enterprise search is way behind in taking advantage of search analytics and how users consume and manipulate data.

“To summarize everything above: Search isn’t about search; it’s about finding, connecting, answers, behaviors and productivity. Some of the above changes are already here within enterprises. Some are still just being tested in the consumer space. But all of them point to a new phase in the life of the Internet, intranets, computer technology and the experience of modern, digital work.”

As always there is a lot of room for enterprise search improvement, but these changes need to made for an updated and better work experience.

Whitney Grace, September 16, 2015
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