Google Declares It Has the Best Cloud Service…Again

October 15, 2015

Google is never afraid to brag about its services and how much better they are compared to their competitors.  Google brandishes its supposed superiority with cloud computing on its Google Cloud Platform Blog with the post, “Google Cloud Platform Delivers The Industry’s Best Technical And Differentiated Features.”  The first line in the post even comes out as a blanket statement for how Google feels about its cloud platform: “I’ll come right out and say it: Google Cloud Platform is a better cloud.”

One must always take assertations from a company’s Web site as part of its advertising campaign to peddle the service.  Google products and services, however, usually have quality written into their programming, but Google defends the above claim saying it has core advantages and technical differentiators in compute, storage, network, and distributed software tiers.  Google says this is for two reasons:

“1. Cloud Platform offers features that are very valuable for customers, and very difficult for competitors to emulate.

  1. The underlying technologies, created and honed by Google over the last 15 years, enable us to offer our services at a much lower price point.

Next the post explains the different features that make the cloud platform superior: live migration, scaling load balances, forty-five second boot times, three second archive restore, and 680,000 IOPS sustained Local SSD read rate.  Google can offer these features, because it claims to have the best technology and software engineers.  It does not stop there, because Google also offers its cloud platform at forty percent cheaper than other cloud platforms.  It delves into details about why it can offer a better and cheaper service.  While the argument is compelling, it is still Google cheerleading itself.

Google is one of the best technology companies, but it is better to test and review other cloud platforms rather than blinding following a blog post.

Whitney Grace, October 15, 2015
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