Genentech Joins the Google Enterprise Crew

October 22, 2015

Enterprise search offers customizable solutions for organizations to locate and organize their data.  Most of the time organizations purchase a search solution is to become more efficient, comply with procedures for quality compliance, and or to further their business development.  The latter usually revolves around sales operation planning, program research, customer service, contracts, and tech sales collateral.

Life sciences companies are but one of the few that can benefit from enterprise search solutions.  Genentech recently deployed the Google Search Application to improve the three areas listed above.  Perficient explains the benefits of enterprise search for a life science company in the video, “Why Life Sciences Leader Genentech Adopted Google Enterprise Search.”

“‘…we explore why life sciences leader Genentech executed Google Search Appliance. “No company is or should ever be static. You have to evolve,’ said CEO Ian Clark.”

Perficient helps companies like Genentech by customizing a search solution by evaluating the company and identifying the areas where it can be improved the most.  They host workshops to evaluate where people in different areas must stop to search for information before returning to the task.  From the workshops, Perficient can create a business prototype to take their existing business process and improve upon it.  Perficient follows this procedure when it deploys enterprise search in new companies.

The video only explains a short version of the process Perficient deployed at Genentech to improve their business operations with search.  A full webinar was posted on their Web site: “Google Search For Life Sciences Companies.”


Whitney Grace, October 22, 2015
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