Google Hacks to Make You Grin

October 30, 2015

Google is run by a bunch of geeks that entertain themselves using the high tech toys at their fingertips.  Beyond the insertion of Douglas Adams references in search results, there are other Google hacks that the tech geeks developed to make themselves and you smile.  Digital Spy tracked down “Eleven Google Secrets That Will Change The Way You Search, From Playing Pac-Man To Lego Street View.”

“Day after day you hammer out search after search, overlooking not only the hidden gems lurking beneath the surface, but the very thing that makes Google such an anomaly amongst the world’s biggest companies – its sense of humor. Here are a few thinks you might not have known you can do in Google.”

Google can do numerous things just by typing a few simple commands into the search bar.  Try typing: “askew” or “tilt,” “do a barrel roll,” and “Zerg rush.”  Google is also a time machine and can take you back to the 1998 Google interface or you can spend hours playing Pac-Man on an uploaded Google Doodle from May 2010.  The yellow stick figure on Google Street View also likes to play dress-up when he visits certain places.

But our absolute favorite is the six degrees of Kevin Bacon calculator.  Based off an old Internet meme that everyone in Hollywood has worked with Kevin Bacon in less than six degrees, type in a famous person and “bacon number” to find out how close their careers are.

Little hacks and fun games like this show the human side to the Google empire.  What will they think of next?  However, it would be nice if Google added some practical functions, such as a time and date feature.

Whitney Grace, October 30, 2015

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