Want to Know What Happens Online Every 60 Seconds?

December 4, 2015

I thought I knew. Time wasting, distractive behavior, and non productive behavior.

Wrong again. I read “What Happens Online Every Minute?” The document is an infographic which reveals a number of factoids. (Who knows if these are accurate or a 20 something daydream.)

  • Every minute Vine users play 1,041,666 videos. I like the precision of this number. The happenstance of the sign of the devil is a delight. Remember? 666.
  • In seconds Alphabet Googlers who can probably spell “video” nine out of ten times upload 300 hours of new video. The idea is that in one minute, you have the opportunity to fritter away 300 hours of couch potato time whether in a Google self driving car, in your own car, or standing on a line to buy a slice in Manhattan.
  • In 1/60th of an hour, Twitter users send 347,222 tweets. How many of these are from marketers? No info. But again the precision of the number is outstanding. I like the 222 number which connotes faith. I have faith in Twitter. Also, 222 is a a strobogrammatic number. Nifty, eh?

View the original. There will be a factoid to make your day or at least a few seconds so you can get back to viewing the video goodness.

Stephen E Arnold, December 4, 2015


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