Bing Wants Google Bridge to Fall down, My Dear Lady

December 10, 2015

Microsoft has not given up on Bing yet.  While the Microsoft’s brand name search engine has not gained much traction to take on Google in the United States, the United Kingdom might prove else wise.  The Independent reports that “Rik Van Der Kooi: Microsoft Ups Its Challenge To Google With Big Plans For Bing” in the United Kingdom.  Rik van der Kooi is Microsoft’s global head of search advertising and he wants to give Bing users a more ambient experience.  Microsoft is integrating Bing into more features and applications, such as Microsoft Office, Cortana, Gumtree, Windows 10, and Skype.

Kooi is very eager to introduce Bing into Skype, because it will only benefit users.  He says that:

“In the future we are thinking about not artificially pushing it in but maybe putting it in where it’s of use to the user.  I could imagine a scenario where if you were either talking with somebody via Skype or chatting via Skype, that providing a search experience inside of Skype is a very valuable experience. And if it’s valuable to the user then we would consider it.”

Google still controls 88 percent of the UK’s search market, but Kooi did not stoop to using insults when he was asked about Google.  Instead, he said that Bing and Google have different business approaches.  Google is more focused on advertising as a model, which is different than what Bing does.  Microsoft has a clear plan for Bing, including the knowledge that it has a lot of advertiser demand and forming partnerships with more UK platforms for quality traffic.  Kooi is faithful that Bing will continue to gain traction in the UK and the US, it’s already in the double digits.

Whitney Grace, December 10, 2015
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