Big Data Gets Emotional

December 15, 2015

Christmas is the biggest shopping time of the year and retailers spending months studying consumer data.  They want to understand consumer buying habits, popular trends in clothing, toys, and other products, physical versus online retail, and especially what competition will be doing sale wise to entice more customers to buy more.  Smart Data Collective recently wrote about the science of shopping in “Using Big Data To Track And Measure Emotion.”

Customer experience professionals study three things related to customer spending habits: ease, effectiveness, and emotion.  Emotion is the biggest player and is the biggest factor to spur customer loyalty.  If data specialists could figure out the perfect way to measure emotion, shopping and science would change as we know it.

“While it is impossible to ask customers how do they feel at every stage of their journey, there is a largely untapped source of data that can provide a hefty chunk of that information. Every day, enterprise servers store thousands of minutes of phone calls, during which customers are voicing their opinions, wishes and complaints about the brand, product or service, and sharing their feelings in their purest form.”

The article describes some methods emotional data is fathered: phone recordings, surveys, and with vocal layer speech layers being the biggest.  Analytic platforms that measure vocal speech layers that measure relationships between words and phrases to understand the sentiment.  The emotions are ranged on a five-point scale, ranging from positive to negative to discover patterns that trigger reactions.

Customer experience input is a data analyst’s dream as well as nightmare based on all of the data constantly coming.

Whitney Grace, December 15, 2015
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