Getting Smart About Cutting the Cable Cord

December 21, 2015

A few years ago, I read an article about someone who was fed up with streaming content because he wanted new shows and access to all the channels so they resubscribed to cable.  I have to admit the easiest thing to do would be to pay a monthly cable bill and shell out additional fees for the premiere channels.  The only problem is that cable and extra channels are quite expensive.  It has since become easier to cut the cord.

One of the biggest problems viewers face is finding specific and new content.  Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon Prime are limited with licenses and their individual content and having to search each one is time consuming.  Even worse is trying to type out a series name using a remote control instead of a keyboard.  Technology to the rescue!

The Verge talks about “Yahoo’s New App Is A TV Guide For Cord Cutters” called Yahoo Video Guide that allows viewers to search by a name and instantly watch it.

“Whenever users find what they want to watch, they can click a button to “Stream Now,” and the app will automatically launch a subscription service that hosts the film. If the program isn’t available online, users can buy it, instead.”

The coolest feature is that if viewers want to channel surf all they do so with GIFs.  The viewer picks a GIF that fits their mood and the app will sort out content from there.

Finally, all those moving images have a different function than entertaining reddit users.

Whitney Grace, December 21, 2015
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