Beware: Spyware Disguised as Search

January 27, 2016

Do you know how when you type an incorrect Web address into the search bar and you are redirected to a search page saying it could not find the address?  According to PCRisk one of these redirected pages could mean you serious harm, “ Redirect.”  If you have ever heard of, you should get off the page as quickly as possible.

Snjsearch masquerades as a legitimate Internet search engine with more relevant results than Google.  However, this is a false claim!  The developers include spyware within an installation packet to track browsing history and other sensitive information.

The biggest question you are probably asking is how gets installed on your computer?

“This deceptive website is promoted as a ‘bundle’ with other software. The developers know that many users do not pay enough attention when downloading and installing software. Therefore, bundled applications (or in this case, modification of browser settings) are usually concealed within the ‘Custom/Advanced’ settings. Many users rush these processes and skip virtually all steps, leading to inadvertent installation of potentially unwanted programs. This exposes their systems to risk of further infection and compromises their privacy.”

The easiest way to avoid downloading is to monitor all downloads, making sure that is not included in an installation bundle.  Another preventive measure would be to know where you download an item.  Remember the saying, “don’t take candy from strangers”?  Well, do not take free downloads from strange Web sites.

If you believe you have on your computer, the article contains steps to remove it.  If you are a curious person, do not experiment with unless appropriate precautions are taken; namely, using a separate, non-work computing device not connected to an office or work related network.


Whitney Grace, January 27, 2016
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