Google Maps: Accuracy Is Relative

April 1, 2016

Editorial comment: Not April Fool bit of spoofery.

I read “Demolition Company Says a Google Maps Error Led Them to Tear Down the Wrong House.” Pesky humans. Google’s autonomous automobiles do not have accidents. When those accidents occur, a human is at fault. Bus drivers, grrrr.

The write up suggests that a Google Map caused a human to instruct demolition workers to level a house at 7601 Cousteau Drive. The human allegedly pointed a finger at Google Maps, a geospatial system which has some big fans in various governmental outfits.,

Here’s what the story asserts:

Google Maps has declined to make a statement, but it did fix the map to pin the correct address.

Yep, what does a “real” journalist expect when it wants to ask about one of Google’s algorithmic services?

Life would be simpler if humans were not getting in the way of Google efficiency, solutions, and services.

Thought: Perhaps one should not use an Android phone and Google Maps to navigate to the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Stephen E Arnold, April 1, 2016


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