Google Search Tips That Make You Say DUH

November 10, 2016

Unless you are establishing the trends in the search field, then there is room for you to learn new search-related skills.  Search is a basic function in the developed world and is more powerful than typing a word or phrase into Google’s search box.  Google also has more tricks in its toolbox than you might be aware of.  Single Grain published, “Google Like A Pro: 42 Of The Most Useful Google Search Tricks” that runs down useful ways to use the search engine.  Some of them, however, are cheap tricks we have discussed before.

Single Grain runs down the usual Google stats about how many people use the search engine, its multiple services, and the hard to find Advanced Search.  Here is a basic article description:

Here’s a list of 42 of the most useful Google search tricks that’ve probably never thought of—some practical, some just plain fun. Everyone knows how to Google, but by learning how to Google like a pro, you can harness the full power of the search giant and impress your boss and friends alike. Or at least find stuff.

These tips include: calculator, package tracker, stock watcher, tip calculator, conversions, weather, flight tracker, coin flipping, voice search, fact checking, and other tips you probably know.  What I love is that it treats Boolean operators as if they are a brand new thing.  They do not even use Boolean in the article!  Call me old school, but give credit where credit is due.

Whitney Grace, November 10, 2016
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