Palantir Technologies Snags Another $20 Million

November 28, 2016

I read “Secretive Big Data Firm Palantir Raises $20M in Recent Funding Run: Report.” I learned:

Palantir has quietly raised $20 million in a recent funding run.

The article pointed out that Palantir had previously raised $800 million. The write up added:

Based on the Nov. 23 Form D filing, the date of the first sale for the recent round of funding was Nov 8. Coincidentally, the new United States president Donald Trump was elected on the same day.

I found this statement interest:

Including the latest round of funding, Palantir has raised more than $2 billion to date.

Interesting. By the way, the figures seem to be hefty.

Stephen E Arnold, November 28, 2016


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