Is Google Plucking a Chicken Joint?

March 14, 2017

Real chicken or fake news? You decide. I read “Google, What the H&%)? Search Giant Wrongly Said Shop Closed Down, Refused to List the Truth.” The write up reports that a chicken restaurant is clucking mad about how Google references the eatery. The Google, according to the article, thinks the fowl peddler is out of business. The purveyor of poultry disagrees.

The write up reports:

Kaie Wellman says that her rotisserie chicken outlet Arrosto, in Portland, Oregon, US, was showing up as “permanently closed” on Google’s mobile search results.

Ms Wellman contacted the Google and allegedly learned that Google would not change the listing. The fix seems to be that the bird roaster has to get humans to input data via Google Maps. The smart Google system will recognize the inputs and make the fix.

The write up reports that the Google listing is now correct. The fowl mix up is now resolved.

Yes, the Google. Relevance, precision, recall, and accuracy. Well, maybe not so much of these ingredients when one is making fried mobile outputs.

Stephen E Arnold, March 14, 2017


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