Booz Boo Boo: Blue Chip? Maybe Not

June 1, 2017

I read “Booz Allen, NGA Probe Intel Leak.” Let’s assume that the information in the write up is “sort of” accurate. I suggest this because the article invokes the name of “Edward Snowden” and the name of “Hal Martin.” Both of these individuals allegedly behaved with a bit of professional “looseness.”

But the write up does more than remind me that the once highly regarded blue chip management consulting firm has become an example of how not to manage its own employees and contractors.

Too bad. I worked at Booz, Allen & Hamilton when the firm’s reputation was reasonably well regarded. Today I am not so sure I would place the Booz Allen outfit identified in the FCW article in my “I want to work their” Top 10.

The main point of the write up seems to me to be:

Edward Snowden, Hal Martin and now another Booz Allen Hamilton employee could be involved in the leak of sensitive intelligence data — though in the latest case, it appears it could be accidental.

The information, according the FCW, was sensitive. The error was a result of a misconfiguration error.

Nevertheless, a company charged with working within the constraints set forth by the client should have management procedures in place to prevent alleged security issues.

Booz, Allen & Hamilton once kept a low profile. Now the firm finds itself making headlines.

FCW is not the grocery store tabloid-type of “real news” outfit, of course. However, I ask myself, “Management or mismanagement?”

And from an outfit which once provided management consulting services to the world’s leading organizations.


Stephen E Arnold, June 1, 2017


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