Shopping List of Technologies That Will Make Life Really Good… Well, Some Lives’ Lives

July 26, 2017

I read or rather scanned an infographic called “Things to Come: A Timeline of Technology.” Sci fi? Nope, the stuff that makes VCs’ ice cold blood flow just a little bit faster. In terms of search, two entries seem to suggest that finding information will be a semi big thing:

  • 2036, The next evolution of AI. Okay, but won’t today’s whiz bang systems get better really rapidly? According to the “Things to Come”, AI has its booster rocker fired in 19 years. Make your hotel reservation the IBM Watson B&B today.
  • 2040. Genetic computing. Okay, more than a GIF in a protein chain and less than a quantum computer maybe?
  • 2045, Algorithmic advances. Hmm. Algorithms are “evolving” if one is into the genetic algorithms. For the rule-based approaches, that seems to move less rapidly. But advances down the road in 28 years. Seems like a made up target date. But that’s just the view of an old guy in rural Kentucky

What I did like about the VC blood enhancer was this list of buzzwords. How many can you define?

  1. Eye controlled technology
  2. Paper diagnostics
  3. Designer antibiotics
  4. Ingestible robots
  5. Smart clothing
  6. Photonics in space
  7. Volcanic mining
  8. Spintronics revolution
  9. Carbon breathing batteries
  10. Super antivirals
  11. Diamond batteries
  12. Optogenetics
  13. Nano feasibility
  14. Unhackable quantum Internet
  15. Cheap solar power
  16. Biomimetic materials
  17. 3D printing in every home
  18. Fully immersive computer interface
  19. Self sufficient energy ecosystem
  20. Germ line genetic modification
  21. Holograpic pets
  22. Rapid genetic screening
  23. Microwave rockets
  24. Space based solar energy
  25. Fusion power
  26. Evolutionary enhancement
  27. Carbon sequestration
  28. Geoengineering
  29. Wavetop and undersea cities
  30. Geoneutrino satellites.

This list reminds me of my eavesdropping on a group of PC Magazine editors cooking up a list of the Top 10 trends in personal computers or the brainstorming sessions at Booz, Allen when a Top Dog said, “We need to identify hot business trends.”

Anyway, you can use these buzzwords in your LinkedIn résumé or in your next tweet. Better yet, print out the list and look for mid tier consulting firms at the next conference you attend. You can pitch your expertise in wave top and undersea cities and hope the individual with whom you are speaking has never watched the film Waterworld.

Stephen E Arnold, July 26, 2017


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