Google Drops Instant Search as Mobile Use Rises

August 28, 2017

As more and more Googlers turn to mobile devices to access the search giant the Instant Search feature, first introduced in 2010, becomes irrelevant. Originally, this feature was a time saving (albeit milliseconds) feature giving Google users a much-needed edge in search. But that was for desktops. Now that mobile is king, Google is rethinking their strategies.

According The Verge,

…more than half of Google searches happen on mobile, with the scales continually tipping away from desktop as time goes on. On mobile screens, Instant Search doesn’t make as much sense given we use our fingers and virtual buttons to interact with software, and trying to load a results page on top of the onscreen keyboard isn’t exactly good user experience design.

Internet based services recognizing the trend toward mobile use is nothing new, but Google eliminating one of its hallmark features shows that mobile use for search is much more than simply a trend. Always leading the way, Google is making a statement about the direction of search and we expect others to quickly jump on the bandwagon.

Catherine Lamsfuss, August 28, 2017


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