Google Innovation Convoluted to Many

September 7, 2017

In a race against time, Google seems to be struggling to keep up with Apple in many categories, messaging and video chat just to name a few. A recent Phandroid article called out Google on their multiple fails over the years in its plight to dominate Apple.

The primary criticism is Google’s lack of comparable messaging system. As the article explains,

Right now, Google’s solution for handling messaging for the average user is looking a lot like the early 90s landscape for all those competing messaging services. But at least those services were competing with one another. Google’s messaging services cannibalize one another as Google meanders down its course of attempting to find an iMessage solution in the wake of its upheavals.

Although the folks at Phandroid do make good points for Google’s identity crisis, they leave out many other innovations that, although possible missteps, are moving things forward. One such development is the introduction of YouTube Messenger that might seem redundant to many, but also answers many of the problems mentioned by Phandroid.

Catherine Lamsfuss, September 7, 2017


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