Google Got It and Feels Too: Ambiguity Management

October 5, 2017

Here’s a quote to note from “Sundar Pincha Says the Future of Google Is AI. But Can He Fix the Algorithm?” Bold are alleged words spoken by the chief Googler and the bracketed text are two of my questions:

I view it [Google’s role?] as a big responsibility to get it right. I think we‘ll [Google employees or senior management?] be able to do these things better over time. But I think the answer to your question, the short answer and the only answer, is we feel huge responsibility. Today, we overwhelmingly get it right. But I think every single time we stumble. I feel the pain, and I think we should be held accountable.

I am not sure what the its, the things, the stumbles, and the pains mean. I noted the “feel”word and the royal “we.”

Is this leadership via ambiguity? It sure seems like a stumble from a ratty hotel in Siena, Italy. Overwhelmingly, yes.

Stephen E Arnold, October 5, 2017


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