Google: Doing Better with Mini Cupcakes

October 20, 2017

In Harrod’s Creek, mini cupcakes make mouths water. In fact, Little Debbie snacks and the nutritious Twinkies provide the ideal post work out reward. Heck, breakfast would not be complete without a package or two of cream filled, artificially flavored Ding Dongs.

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Imagine my surprise when I read “Google Removes Maps Feature Showing Calories and Mini-Cupcakes after Huge Online Backlash.” Google was using icons of mini cupcakes to communicate the energy required to walk to the local shot house or boot leg transfer point.

I learned:

With the test update, which also showed you how many mini cupcakes (!) you’d burn if you walked instead of drove, Google probably wanted to motivate people to be more healthy. It got the opposite reaction. While other navigation apps like Citymapper, which is incredibly popular in the UK, already have a calorie-counting feature, the pink-coloured mini cupcakes really upset people online who saw it as perpetrating fat-shaming culture, particularly of women…

Google wants to do better. The company finally adopts the mini cupcake and social media mavens flag off this feature. Google you can do better by doing exactly what you want.

Bring back the mini cupcake. Add moon pies and RC colas. Where’s that confidence of the salad days in 2002?

Stephen E Arnold, October 20, 2017


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