Treating Google Knowledge Panel as Your Own Home Page

November 8, 2017

Now, this is interesting. Mike Ramsey at AttorneyAtWork suggests fellow lawyers leverage certain Google tools  in, “Three Reasons Google Is Your New Home Page.” He points out that Google now delivers accessibility to many entities directly on the results page, reducing the number of clicks potential clients must perform to contact a firm. He writes:

[Google] has rolled out three products that provide potential clients with information about your law firm before they get to your site:

*Messages (on mobile)

*Questions and Answers (on mobile)

*Optional URLs for booking appointments (both mobile and desktop)


This means that Google search results are becoming your new ‘home page.’ All three products — Messages, Questions and Answers and URLs for appointments — are accessible from your Google My Business dashboard. They appear in your local Knowledge Panel in Google. If Google really is becoming your home page, but also giving you a say in providing potential clients with information about your firm, you will definitely want to take advantage of it.

The article explains how to best leverage each tool. For example, Messages let you incorporate text messages into your Knowledge Panel; Ramsey notes that customers prefer using text messages to resolve customer service issues. Questions and Answers will build an FAQ-like dialogue for the panel, while optional URLs allow clients to schedule appointments right from the results page. Ramsey predicts it should take about an hour to set up these tools for any given law firm, and emphasizes it is well worth that investment to make it as easy as possible for potential clients to get in touch.

Cynthia Murrell, November 8, 2017


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