Searx: Another Privacy Oriented Web Search System

November 13, 2017

There are a number of privacy oriented Web search systems. If you want to poke around, try the quirky Unbubble or give Gibiru a whirl. I noted another entrant called Searx. There are some important differences. Searx is a system which takes a page from peer to peer access systems. You host it yourself. The system is a metasearch engine like Ixquick (Startpage). This means that the user’s query is converted to the query syntax used by search systems like The results are merged and a results list displayed. Deduplication is a slippery fish. You will need to scan the results and run through the familiar, but much maligned procedure of scan, click, browse, and save the Web page with the information you want. If you are like a millennial, you will take the first result because everything on the Web is true.

Stephen E Arnold, November 13, 2017


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