Toronto Is the City of the Future

November 17, 2017

Canada is regarded as a calm, nice country that enjoys hockey and maple syrup.  It is not seen as a technology bastion, but Google’s Larry Page decided to make Toronto a digital innovation says the San Francisco Gate in “Larry Page’s Urban Innovation Unit Picks Toronto For First Digital Neighborhood.”

Page dubbed Toronto is now dubbed the “city of the future” (sorry Disney and Tomorrowland).  Alphabet Inc. and Waterfront Toronto plan to build a technology-friendly community along Lake Ontario.  The city will incorporate green energy systems, self-driving transportation, and construction techniques that will lower housing costs.  The new city of the future has been on the drawing board for ten years.  With its construction, Eric Schmidt expressed that the goal is it will improve human lives.

Sidewalk Toronto will dedicate $50 million to planning the project, which will begin with a new neighborhood called Quayside and eventually extend into the Eastern Waterfront, more than 800 acres in one of North America’s largest undeveloped urban parcels. Google’s Canadian headquarters will relocate to the development from the west end to support the project.

Toronto is in the midst of a technology boom, startups are popping up all over the place, and AI research has received increased funding from the government.  The hope is that the new community will help combat the city’s housing crunch.

All we can do is wait and see if Toronto really does become a model city for the future.

Whitney Grace, November 17, 2017


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