DarkCyber for 28 November 2017 Now Available

November 28, 2017

DarkCyber for November 28, 2017, covers four Dark Web stories. The first is CaaS or Crime as a Service. The report points to an Interpol reports which explains a major shift in methods for online criminals. The second item describes Terbium Labs technology. The Baltimore-based company’s Matchlight system can locate confidential information available on the Dark Web. Next, Stephen E Arnold talks about hosting providers for Dark Web sites. The examples include companies from Ukraine, Moldova, and Holland. The program concludes with a discussion of a Google Blogger service story. The Blogger post provides clear text names and ONION urls for a number of Dark Web sites which may provide access to illegal products or services. With the information on Blogger, library patrons and students can access this information from a standard Web browser.

Kenny Toth, November 28, 2017


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