Amazon Embraces a Sqrrl

January 24, 2018

I love names with no vowels. I read “Amazon’s Cloud Business Acquires Sqrrl, a Security Start-Up with NSA Roots.” Sqrrl is one of a number of cybersecurity vendors with interesting technology. The article sees the main point of the Amazon deal as part of the online giant’s effort to “pick up business from US intelligence agencies.”

Amazon has a “secret” region of data centers. Keep in mind that Ashburn, Virginia, may be the home to secret data centers. Some government agencies want their data housed in a secure manner.

Is there another angle to the deal?

Here in Harrod’s Creek, we asked: “Has Amazon’s AWS system been the target of individuals or groups looking to harvest data stored with what might be called casual procedures.”

Leaving data on some cloud services publicly accessible servers is a bit like leaving a hot and juicy hamburger on a picnic table on a warm summer day.

Sqrrl, without vowels of course, has some interesting technology which may have more utility than offering a dot point in response to an RFP.

Stephen E Arnold, January 24, 2018


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