Apple and Its Snowden Moment

February 14, 2018

I don’t pay much attention to the antics of Apple, its employees, or its helpers. I did note this story in Boy Genius Report: “We Now Know Why an Apple Employee Decided to Leak Secret iPhone Code.” My take is that the trigger was a bit of the high school science club mentality and the confusion of what is straight and true with the odd ball ethos of clever, young tech wizards.

The cat is out of the bag. Removing content from Github does not solve the problem of digital information’s easy copy feature.

How will Apple handle its Snowden moment? Will the leaker flee to a friendly computing nation state like Google or Microsoft? Will the Apple iPhone code idealist hole up in a Motel 6 at SFO until the powers that be can debrief him and move him to a safe cubicle?

I think the episode suggests that insider threats are a challenge in today’s online environment. With the report that security service providers are suffering from false positives, the reality of protecting secrets is a bit different from the fog of assumption that some have about their next generation systems. I call it the “illusion of security.”

Reality is what one makes it, right?

Stephen E Arnold, February 14, 2018


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    Apple and Its Snowden Moment : Stephen E. Arnold @ Beyond Search

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