IBM Wants Executives to Be Disruptors

March 2, 2018

I read “IBM Tells CIOs to Become Disruptors, Touts Cognitive Services Platform.” Now that’s pretty spectacular advice from IBM. I learned from an IBM executive named Luis Pineda:

We’re provoking them really to act now, before it’s too late, maybe to optimize and increase the agility of their data and cloud infrastructure to create an insight-driven organization. We’re doing this because we believe that only by radically re-imagining their roles as CIO will they become the disruptors, and not be the disrupted. And by doing so they will be able to drive meaningful innovation that will truly transform their business and organization.

Not surprisingly, the suggestion is that IBM Watson is the system which will disrupt.

So far IBM Watson has provided me with some laughs. For IBM it has generated revenues which did not meet the lofty revenue forecasts in the heady days of winning Jeopardy. For employees who have been RIFed, IBM has disrupted—thousands of lives.

What’s fascinating is that jargon and inability to leverage what IBM does that customers want seem to trip over one another. No mention about HAL going back into space, however.

Stephen E Arnold, March 2, 2018


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