DarkCyber for June 19, 2018 Now Available

June 19, 2018

DarkCyber for June 19, 2018, is now available at www.arnoldit.com/wordpress and on Vimeo at https://www.vimeo.com/275466464

Stephen E Arnold’s DarkCyber is a weekly video news and analysis program about the Dark Web and lesser known Internet services.
This week’s program covers five cybercrime related stories.

The first story profiles Hunch.ly a low cost open source intelligence investigative tool. The system allows an investigator to keep track of sites visited, capture complete Surface Web and Dark Web page, and generate an audit trail. The Hunch.ly system costs less than $130 per year per user.

The second story reviews two Romanian universities accused of harboring a Dark Web drug cartel. More than 600 officers arrested more than 60 individuals. Many of these university students were studying law and medicine.

The third story reveals that Europol has created a dedicated team within in its cyber crime center. A dedicated team will allow investigators to focus on Dark Web crime and not be pulled from a Dark Web investigation to work on an unrelated matter. The dedicated team will work in a cross border environment so that police actions can be more effectively coordinated.

The fourth story explains that Cyberlitica has introduced a new Dark Web scanning service. The DarkCyber report points out that password reuse is common and creates significant security vulnerabilities.

The final story reveals that a 2013 analysis of the Stuxnet virus is again available without charge. The report provides specific operational details of the Stuxnet exploit designed to interrupt nuclear fuel enrichment.

DarkCyber is one of a very small number of weekly video news programs focusing on policeware, the Dark Web, and related topics.

Kenny Toth, July 19, 2018


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