AI: Useful to Major Major Major of In and Out Fame

July 13, 2018

While the capacity for work and accuracy of artificial intelligence is pretty hard to argue with, the expense of starting a machine learning program from the ground up is pretty easy to argue. In some cases, it is more expensive to teach a machine to act like a human than to actually hire a human, we discovered after reading a recent Guardian story, “The Rise of Pseudo-AI: How Tech Firms Quietly Use Humans to Do Bots’ Work.”

One example they gave was:

“In the case of the San Jose-based company Edison Software, artificial intelligence engineers went through the personal email messages of hundreds of users – with their identities redacted – to improve a “smart replies” feature. The company did not mention that humans would view users’ emails in its privacy policy.”

How do you get around this modern day Catch-22? Some think the answer lies in blocks. By using Blockchain technology, development costs for AI could drastically be reduced, some experts think. This is because one of the great costs of AI is data management and sorting. If that process is simplified by Blockchain, the reasoning is that the cost of the program would go down. Finally, we can relieve those poor humans from doing a machine’s job.

When it’s in, it’s out. When it’s out, it’s in. Poetic, no?

Patrick Roland, July 13, 2018


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