About Wanting China to Change

August 2, 2018

I read “Google Developing News App for China.” Interesting tactical shift at the GOOG. I won’t bring up the remarkable suggestion some senior Googlers floated years ago. Nope. I won’t write: “Google wants China to change.” No. I will not mention that the Middle Kingdom has not been a social construct ready to rush into the Brave New World. China is, well, China.

The main point of the write up is that Google employs some people who have probably figured out that China is a big market. In terms of market share, Google is looking at the Great Wall from afar. Where there is money, there is now a desire to become a player in what sure looks like one of the world’s largest markets.

Bottom-line: Google will do things the way China wants them done. That killing courtyard in Xi’an made it clear that once in that clever reception area, one did it China’s way or the clueless traders were in a position of strategic and tactical disadvantage. That’s a nice way of saying “trapped.”

Indexing information for China requires a basic tweak: Exclude content not on the Chinese white list.

What does this mean for the old “information wants to be free” idea?

It means that filtered information is what a person will see if Beyond Search understands the assertions in the write up.

Interesting stuff.

Google has learned a basic lesson at a cost of hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, in revenue: Companies are not nation states.

Beyond Search has learned that certain “ideals” are what one might describe as “flexible.” “Real” news and MBAs discussing ethics. As the Beyond Search goose knows, “Bend like the willow in a wind.”

Stephen E Arnold, August 2, 2018


2 Responses to “About Wanting China to Change”

  1. Youtube to mp3 on August 26th, 2018 5:08 am

    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for search

  2. Moriah Bosque on October 22nd, 2018 8:12 am

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