Google and Really, Like Cool Expert Search

August 10, 2018

To say I was surprised by Google’s celebrity search comes close to the truth. I am not sure. I think I will ask a celebrity if I were surprised or just anchored in the past. Don’t know about the really, like cool approach to getting information online? Navigate to “ Google’s New Celebrity Video App Is Basically AMA for Search.” I learned:

…The search giant [that would be China bound Google, of course] released a new app called Cameos, which lets celebs record vertical full-screen video answers to commonly searched-for questions about them.

Public figures include athletes, pop stars, and (I assume) technical superstars like Messrs. Brin and Page.

The celebrities can choose what questions to answer, record those answers, and make them available to a person who asks a question about the global Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture. Tough luck if a movie star does not know the answer. I mean like who cares? Google can have Wei Zhang record an answer for the users of this new service.

From my point of view, I would like to enter a Boolean query with date limiters and get a results list with the “Date last indexed” displayed. I would like to have access to urls for PDFs. I would like, in short, to have a search system which returned sort of relevant results.

I assume I can ask Taylor Swift type people to help me out here. Celebrity is expertise it seems.

Stephen E Arnold, August 10, 2018


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