High School Science Club Management: Volunteer Workers Point Out Flaws

September 4, 2018

I know that HSSCM methods is a fresh concept. I used the phrase in a few lectures years ago. I am delighted that “high school science club management methods” or HSSCM continues to be a useful concept.

One recent example is the information (which I assume to be spot on) from an online information service and a YouTube centric outfit. The source is “Unpaid and Abused: Moderators Speak Out Against Reddit.”

The point of the write up is that Reddit, itself an online social information service, reports:

Engadget and Point spoke to 10 Reddit moderators, and all of them complained that Reddit is systematically failing to tackle the abuse they suffer. Keeping the front page of the internet clean has become a thankless and abusive task, and yet Reddit’s administration has repeatedly neglected to respond to moderators who report offenses.

Reddit is owned by Advance Publications. Therefore, the write up is focusing on the management methods of a large corporation.

If the information in the write up is accurate, the large corporation has allowed HSSCM methods to help keep Reddit on track.

One example:

Subreddits can have their own bylaws, but racism, sexism and hate speech are targeted by moderators on pretty much any thread. The clear majority of abuse is in response to moderators calling users out when they break the rules.

The result? Death threats, burn out, and what seem to be a lack of management systems which can:

  • Work constructively with volunteers who express concerns about their perceptions about death threats, stress, etc.
  • Present a positive image of the management for the organization unit
  • Make clear that innovative management methods are indeed having a positive effect on volunteers, employees, users, and stakeholders.

My view is that HSSCM methods continue to be the path of least resistance.

The problem is that those individuals who perceive the ineffectiveness of those HSSCM methods are beginning to speak up. Employee push back at a number of companies make it clear that traditional management methods are not a viable option for the owners of these outfits and that the HSSCM methods used because they are easy also lack suitable benefits.

In short, a crisis for MBA truisms and for the HSSCM approaches has arrived.

Of course, if the information in the Engadget article is not representative or not up to the accuracy standards I assume to be in play, MBA and HSSCM methods are working just fine.

Stephen E Arnold, September 4, 2018


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