Google Changes More Than How Some Companies Do Business

September 13, 2018

There is little doubt out there that the internet, and more specifically, Google, has changed the way we act and talk and even think. However, some experts argue that maybe it’s not our thinking that is changing, but the way we interpret. We learned more from a recent TIME article, “How Google Changed The Way We Think About Information.”

According to the story, we’ve always been info-hungry creatures. However, instead of falling into an encyclopedia entry, we find more specific info.

“The more we use services like Google, the more our brains organize the world in an index-based fashion. This also means people who make a living providing information are increasingly organizing their presentation to catch eyeballs looking for specific details in indexes.”

This is a much less scary view of our brains and the way the digital age is molding them. While we’d like to jump onboard and think that search isn’t shifting our senses, others argue to the contrary. Scientists in Europe claim that our capacity for small bits of information, like trivia and dates, is diminishing because of smartphones and Google. We can’t say that that hasn’t happened to us. Hopefully, the truth is somewhere in between where we are adapting, but not changing on a molecular level.

Put the business and the cognitive changes together and the sum may be more significant than its individual parts.

Patrick Roland, September 13, 2018


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