Stunning Revelation about Maximizing Data Value

October 11, 2018

Quite a stunning revelation appeared in “Your Business Can’t Get Maximum Value Out of Your Data If It’s Not Clean, Says Talend.” “Never before has anyone involved in digital information stumbled upon this insight,” said Tibby Dogg, the Beyond Search data guru. “Imagine. Data have to be consistent, timely, and accurate. Who knew?”

The Beyond Search research team noted this statement as equally revelatory:

…Many companies have a lot of data but are unable to use it effectively. “It’s in many locations, it’s inconsistent, it’s in bad formats, and people can’t make use of it,” Tuchen [a Talend expert] explains.

Why are reliable data needed? That decades old mystery has now been solved:

“If companies can correct all the errors and get a consistent number — not five versions, say — if they do that well, they can start to figure out based on what you’ve bought what are you likely to buy? What should we recommend? What are the most effective sales and marketing campaigns? Should we do more of those? – Talend expert

What’s the fix?

Data governance

The Talend expert does not define data governance because everyone knows exactly what that is.

Quite a brilliant insight about data and how to rectify errors. Keep in mind that Talend is ready to solve data problems.

Yep. Act now. No one knows these secrets.

Stephen E Arnold, October 11, 2018


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