The World Brain Idea Is Back

October 23, 2018

Remember when the Internet was innocent and also a dangerous place? Now the Internet is a necessary tool and an even more dangerous place. World Brain wants to change that. World Brain wants to make the Internet troll free, end the dissemination of false news, users enjoy privacy, and freedom to choose their providers for the best service. I say World Brain is idealistic and naive, but maybe not. Here is their vision:

“Imagine a world where the internet supports a well-informed, less polarized society. Connected communities where individuals enjoy full data ownership, privacy and the freedom to choose the providers they get the best service from, without lock-ins.

This is what World Brain is working to achieve. If you want to be a part of this journey, or are simply interested in our approach, here’s deeper insight into our vision, values and a roadmap.

World Brain is an open-source software collective with the mission of making it 10X+ faster for people to organize, recover, share and discover the most useful and knowledge-expanding content on the web.”

Okay, please stop laughing. World Brain might have something here and their first product is Memex, a free, private browser extension that organizes and finds Web sites. That is actually a good idea. The idea behind Memex is to curate, discover, and share content as well as help researchers.

While Memex is free, World Brain does have a SAS cloud for 10 euros a year (it is a special deal). The Memex cloud offers Memex on all the devices, encrypted cloud backup, ability to search other apps and services, monetize data, WordPress-like plugins, and self hosting.

Okay, World Brain this is a very good idea. I am sold. My question is how will Memex monetize my content?

Whitney Grace, October 23, 2018


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