Big Companies Launch Open Source Safe Data Initiative

November 21, 2018

Huge corporations usually do not support open source code, because it harms their bottom line. Qrius shares how some of the biggest tech companies are behind a new initiative for an interesting change of pace, “Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft To Launch Open Source Initiative For Safe Data Transfer.”

Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Google have teamed up in an endeavor to make data transfer across various platforms easier and safer. The new initiative is called the Data Transfer Project (DTP) and it is an open source project that helps users seamlessly transfer data across multiple online services without facing privacy issues. It sounds like a fantasy superhero team up. How will the DTP will do:

“According to Damien Kieran, Data Protection Officer at Twitter, most of the online services we use right now do not interact with each other in a coherent and intuitive fashion. Formed in 2017, the DTP is expected to bridge this gap and introduce service-to-service data portability through its open-source platform.

The project is expected to roll out in phases, starting with ensuring data portability from one service to another with encrypted signups, said Steve Satterfield, Privacy and Public Policy Director at Facebook.”

The DTP is a great idea, because how many times do you need to upload, download, reupload, and change file formats with your data? Transfer fluidity across many platforms is a must, especially with mobile technology, but privacy is even more important as users share their data across a wider physical and digital expanse. There are also new data protection laws, such as ones introduced in the EU, and the DTP will hopefully write the necessary legal jargon to protect the user and prevent the companies from breaking the laws.

It is a great accomplishment that these four companies are working together. Hopefully it is for good and not the all mighty dollar.

Whitney Grace, November 21, 2018


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