DarkCyber for December 4, 2018, Now Available

December 4, 2018

The December 4, 2018, DarkCyber, a weekly video news program about the Dark Web, is now available. The program can be viewed without advertisements at www.arnoldit.com/wordpress or on Vimeo at https:www.vimeo.com/303990213 .

This week’s program includes four stories. These are:

First, the CIA has made available without charge its training monograph about thinking. The book provides a run down of the habits of mind a CIA analyst or spy needs to cultivate. The book includes basic definitions, general information, and specific examples of common pitfalls. For example, the CIA publication makes clear that a vivid example with colorful details may distort one’s thinking about the event described. The DarkCyber video includes a download link for interested viewers.

The second story provides an update on the country-wide surveillance system Venezuela is deploying. The core system has been developed by ZTE, a Chinese company which enjoys close relationships with the Chinese government. One feature of the system is an identification card which allows data about a citizen’s online and offline behavior to be tracked. The new system also includes social network analysis, facial recognition, and data analytics. The installation of the ZTE system may be a response to sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the US government.

The third story reports that an Italian court has dismissed allegations that employees of the Hacking Team stole the company’s intellectual property. The count found that the crime was the work of a hacker who uses the handle Phineas Fisher. This individual is believed to have hacked the German security vendor FinFisher. The Hacking Team’s source code was posted online and is available for those interested in the Hacking Team’s methods.

The final story reports that about two thirds of the Dark Web went offline in mid November 2018. Unknown cyber criminals penetrated and deleted data from Daniel’s Hosting. After the take down of Freedom Hosting, Daniel’s Hosting became one of the larger ISPs catering to Dark Web site operators. News reports about the event suggest that the owner of Daniel’s Hosting was apprehensive about a cyber attack. However, he failed to implement appropriate security  protocols. The site is now offline.

Kenny Toth, December 4, 2018


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