Amazonia for December 10, 2018

December 10, 2018

The Amazon show and tell has ended. The implications of most Amazon announcements have been reported in the “real” media. The Beyond Search team identified a handful of Bezos bullets, however. Read on:

  • Someone should tell one of the world’s richest me to be positive. Here in Harrod’s Creek the shocking news that Amazon will go bankrupt stuns. The Beyond Search goose thinks that Mr. Bezos is working on his legacy; that is, an early “I warned you” makes him into a digital Nostradamus.
  • Ever try to pay for something in an airport store? I have. Sometimes I leave my overpriced bag of trail mix amongst the M&Ms because no one waits on me. Amazon may solve this problem. “Amazon Looks to Airports to Expand Its Checkout-Free Store Footprint” explains that Amazon’s no human check out may solve this problem. Will the price of trail mix go up? Yeah, you know the answer to that.
  • What’s with Amazon in the space data game? We learned  about “Amazon’s Plan to Profit from Space Data” from the Daily Herald. Here’s the plan: “Rather than build its own satellite dishes and ground stations, the company has brokered an exclusive “multiyear strategic business agreement” with Bethesda-based defense contractor Lockheed Martin, which manufactures and operates satellites for the U.S. military.” Useful for policeware and intelware use cases, don’t you think? Nah.
  • What’s the economic impact of Amazon saying it will put a big office in the DC area? A mere $15 billion impact. Get the semi analysis in the Zon-meister’s very own newspaper here.
  • Axios said, “Amazon faces a politically perilous moment.” The JEDI deal is headed for another appeal. Oracle wants to keep its Pentagon power it seems.
  • How much money does Amazon’s Prime video generate? Variety states that it is $1.7 billion. I thought Prime was for shipping. What about the data those viewing habits spin out? What happens if those data are cross matched to book browsing, purchase history, and method of payment? Grab some popcorn and kick back. Relax. It’s Amazon.

Stephen E Arnold, December 10, 2018


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