Factualities for January 9, 2019

January 9, 2019

The New Year is off to a calculating start. Here are some factualities gathered when some people were watching balls dropped, corks popped, and snacks snacked.

20 percent. Percentage of Americans who think they have a food allergy. 10 percent do. Source: Neuro Science News

Four percent. Percentage of ride hailing users who take the service once a week. Source: Pew Research

75 percent. Percentage of venture capital firms with zero female partners. Source: Recode

1000 times bigger. The size of the virtual reality market compared to the augmented reality market. Evidence presented? None. Source: TechCrunch

5 million. Number of passport records Marriott lost to hackers. Source: Wall Street Journal pay wall

200 million. Number of smartphones Huawei shipped in 2018. Source: Android Central

100 million. Number of Amazon Alexa devices sold. In what interval, The Verge doesn’t include those data.

More than the GDP of Iceland. Amazon’s R&D spending for 2019. Source: Quartz

$22 million. Amount a seven year old made on YouTube in 2018. Source: Next Web

24 frames per hour. The speed of the very slow movie player. Source: Digital Reader

Looks like 2019 has numerical momentum.

Stephen E Arnold, January 9, 2019


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