IBM Shares Big Data Analytics Test Results

January 12, 2019

Big data, big data, big data! Why does everyone assume that big data analytics is going to save the world? There are limited to big data’s power and most related projects have an 85% failure rate, according to Gartner. One reason is that few people know how to correctly implement big data projects, including vendors. There is hope on the horizon for big data companies, because IBM is making itself a guinea pig.

According to the Silicon Angle’s article, “IBM Is Its Own AI Guinea Pig, Shares Successes From The Test Results.” IBM’s Big Blue has tested big data businesses and it has recorded its failures and successes in tools, technologies, and working methods. IBM is packaging what Big Blue has learned and selling it to customers.

“ ‘What we can do is pull together the right breadth and depth of IBM resources, deploy it and customize it to customer needs and really hopefully accelerate and apply a lot of what we’ve learned, a lot of what our clients have learned to accelerate their own artificial intelligence transformation journey,’ said Caitlin Halferty (pictured, left), client engagement executive, global chief data office at IBM.”

IBM’s big data secret is metadata, because to have the right data governance plan you need to have the right metadata. IBM has a tool for that:

“IBM showcased its automated metadata generation tool at the summit. It leverages automation and AI to slice through some dense metadata-curation blocks. It shortens the often tedious, manual process of data labeling, she said. This helps data officers begin a project with clean, labeled data from the get-go.”

IBM’s key for big data success is buying their big data package and automated metadata tool. How much are the price tags on those? Also even if you do cough up the greenbacks for them do you actually know how to use the data?

Whitney Grace, November 22, 2018


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