Amazonia for January 21, 2019

January 21, 2019

The online bookstore has been busy. Developments we noted at DarkCyber included:

Amazon Wants to Make Coding Easier

GeekWire reported that Amazon has a secret “low code / no code project. The idea is “anyone to create business applications around their custom needs.” Disintermediation may be one consequence if this initiative takes root and bears fruit. The catchphrase for the project may be “AWS for everyone.” Source: GeekWire

Build AWS Using AWS

With Amazon becoming a development platform, one can use the Amazon command line environment. A user can also use Microsoft Visual Studio. You may need the AWS command line interface and Python. What are the implications for developers? Amazon is in your future. Source: Virtualization Review

How to Build a Serverless Solution

A how to which makes what might be a complex process less complicated. The article includes nods to developers who use Microsoft tools. There are code snippets too. The Amazon system screenshots are legible and labeled. The message is, “Use Amazon.” Source: Medium

Rackspace Embraces AWS

Rackspace, a vendor of cloud services, rolled out a suite of Amazon friendly services. The company suggested its services is designed to help companies leverage adoption of Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, AWS Glue and Amazon Athena. Why embrace a competitor. The company’s rationale is “the database service gives customers the ability to prep, load and query data sets while reducing operational costs and time to market.” Source: ZDNet

Amazon Is Your Backup

The company rolled out a centralized backup service. The idea is that if you deal direct with Amazon, backups can be automated. The services meshes nicely with some other Amazon services. Our source said: [The new services helps]  “customers more easily meet their business and regulatory backup compliance requirements. AWS Backup makes protecting storage volumes, databases, and file systems easier by giving customers a single service to configure and audit the AWS resources they backup, automate backup scheduling, set retention policies, and monitor recent backups and restores in one place.” Cloud and on premises data can be handled with the backup service. Source: AsianAge

Where Does One Run and AWS Workload?

Amazon now has an answer. The online bookstore purchase TSO Logic. The company’s software was developed to “find the optimized spot to place each and every workload.” No more trial and error for AWS developers. Amazon also purchased CloudEndure, a firm with disaster recovery tools. The deals suggest that Amazon wants to accelerate rounding out its offerings to developers. Source: SDX Central

Trade Publication Identifies MongoDB As a Target

Amazon’s document oriented database is an example of Amazon’s Bezos biceps flexing. According to CRN:

Amazon is simply trying to offer a more feature-rich document database.

The write up pointed out:

The MongoDB stock plunge after publication of an AWS blog revealing the new service… illustrates the tremendous muscle AWS has in the market and impact development of its services can have on independent software vendors.

TechCrunch describes the new database service and its license in a less decorous way. The phrase “middle finger” suggests the nature of the Amazon tactic.

Sources: Computer Reseller News and Techcrunch

Amazon’s Government Push Gains Momentum

DCD reported that “AWS will host the UK government’s Crown Marketplace.” Will the GSAAdvantage service be a target for Amazon’s sales team. The write up points out that when entities embrace large providers:

This approach has cost some small companies dearly. In 2017, Salford-based cloud provider DataCentred shut down after its largest customer, the tax collection agency Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, moved to AWS.

Source: Data Center Dynamics

Amazon Opens Its AI Conference to a Wider Audience

For conference organizers who dismissed Amazon as a worthy subject, a wake up call has been sounded. CNBC reported that “Amazon is launching a public version of its invite-only robotics and AI conference.” DarkCyber assumes that the conference will address Amazon’s policeware initiative. What’s Amazon’s policeware? Source: CNBC

Stephen E Arnold, January 21, 2018


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