Factualities for January 30, 2019

January 30, 2019

Numbers are everywhere. Believe these outputs or not.

  • One. The number of autonomous vehicles required to output the same amount of data as 3,000 non autonomous humans. Source: The New York Times
  • $21.2 million. The amount spent by Google on its DC centric lobbying in 2018. Source: Thomson Reuters
  • 57 percent. The percentage of the population trusting non governmental organizations. Source ZDNet
  • 90 percent. The percentage of VPN applications compromising user security and privacy. Source: Trusted Reviews which we trust, right?
  • $3.1 million. Funding Google has provided to Wikipedia. Google’s total funding of Wikipedia in the last 10 years has reached $75. million tax deductible dollars. Source: Wired
  • 81 percent. The percentage of Amazon’s facial recognition systems’ accuracy. Source The New York Times
  • Number five. The rank of Apple among smartphone vendors in China. Source: Macrumors
  • 50 percent. The number of fake Facebook users. Source: Zerohedge
  • $1.27 billion. amount spent by mobile users for the top 10 video streaming apps in 2018, a 62 percent increase. Source: Sensor Tower
  • Four percent. The percentage of Monero mined by bots in 2018. Source: ZDNet
  • 57 percent. The percentage of Netflix subscribers who would quit the service if Netflix ran commercials. Source: Net Imperative
  • $60 billion. Amount of money Apple spent with American manufacturers in 2018. Source: Apple Insider

Stephen E Arnold, January 30, 2019


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