Google: Is Waze Getting Lost?

February 7, 2019

I read “NYPD Demands Google Stop Waze from Revealing User-Reported Location of DWI Checkpoints.” According to the write up:

the NYPD has just sent a cease and desist letter to Google, demanding that the reporting feature no longer reveal the location of DWI checkpoints.

User reported data may become a contentious issue. Some drivers may believe that their individual decision to post information is okay.

Google’s clever managers and engineers want users to rely on their services.

What if these services put lives at risk; specifically, make it possible for a person under the influence of a substance which impairs reflexes and thought? The issue of responsibility may be worth considering in the event of a pedestrian or injury to another driver? The driver, the map vendor, and/or the law enforcement entity?

What’s interesting is that government agencies in the US seem to be unable to work with certain high technology firms to resolve certain issues.

European regulators, on the other hand, seem to be more willing to adopt mechanisms to enforce applicable rules and regulations.

According to the write up:

Google essentially declined the request and cited benefits to the feature.


Stephen E Arnold, January 7, 2019


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