US Army Looks to Replace Soldiers With Robots

February 13, 2019

Further proof that we are living in a science fiction novel comes in the form of the US Military looking to phase out humans. This will not happen overnight, to be sure, but it is a trend gaining momentum in military thinking across the globe. We learned more from a recent BRG story, “The US Army is Working on Autonomous Weapons That Don’t Need Human Operators.”

In the story, an Army spokesman:

“Argued that when it comes to operating weapons, the human factor could increasingly prove dangerous by its very existence. If everyone else, in other words, is going all-in on the development of AI-controlled weapons, it will be dangerous for us to still rely heavily on the human-operated equivalent which would be easily outmatched by machines.”

A modest step forward has been taken. The US Army will put into use the Black Hornet. This is a nano drone which requires a human operator, but deploying a swarm of drones with a “mission” may presage the future. The drone is produced by FLIR.

Patrick Roland, February 13, 2019


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